Jacqueline A. Hook is the Founder of Tenaz Athletics and I am pleased to present this introduction.

My story is one of tenacity. I raised three kids on my own and put them all though college, self-publishing seven children’s books along the way. At age 62, I love all manner of physical activity, from surfing to yoga to flying trapeze. I ran two full marathons and 13 half-marathons and set state and national powerlifting records, all in my 50s and 60s. And, this year I just started a business.

My company is Tenáz Athletics, based in San Diego, California. I design, manufacture, and sell women’s fitness apparel with unique styling and functionality targeted for women 40 – 65+.

After 25 years at the same corporate job, I found myself craving the energized feeling I get when I’m in a creative flow. That’s when I made the decision to start a business. But, I didn’t know what business. I brainstormed one idea after another, from a wall-mounted eye glasses receptacle to a new concept in frozen desserts. I’m constantly buying domain names for my crazy ideas. One day, when talking with some girlfriends, women in their 50’s and 60’s who work out and like to stay fit, I discovered that though we were in good shape, we were disenchanted about how our arms and shoulders look in our sleeveless tank tops. Gravity was taking its toll. That’s when I had my business idea; I would design a top that covers up without retaining heat. Hence, Tenáz Athletics was born.

Tenáz Tops are the perfect alternative to sleeveless tanks, featuring our signature stretch-mesh sleeves, giving arms and shoulders a firm, toned look while keeping skin cool and dry. Available in scoop and V-neck in six color combos. Flattering fit and super comfy, Tenáz Tops are a boost of confidence whether at the gym, yoga studio, out for a run, or just running around town. You can find them at tenazathletics.com. I will soon expand the line to include Tenáz Tops in vibrant colors, as well as leggings and hoodies.





Tenáz is the Spanish word for tenacious. My mission with Tenáz Athletics is to inspire in women a tenacity for staying fit and healthy regardless of age, fitness level, body type, or other perceived obstacles.

I use social media to share tips and inspiration, create community, and offer special discounts. Please check us out and…get your tenacity on!