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In the past year, there were over 2.1 million reported burglaries in the United States. According to a report by the FBI, that averages out to one theft every 15 seconds, which just proves how easy it is for a burglar to enter a home. Before making a big investment on a new security system though, there may be some inexpensive changes you can make to significantly reduce the chances that a criminal will target your home.

Chris McGoey, a security consultant working in the Los Angeles area says that the goal for any home security measure is to deter casual burglars and there are some low tech ways to accomplish this.

  1. Hold a meeting of everyone in your home.

Make sure that home security is a habit that everyone develops, including the children, and make a set of rules to follow including:

  • Use locks on doors and windows and make sure everyone makes it a habit to always lock doors and windows after they enter, leave, or go to bed.
  • Never open the door for unwelcome or uninvited visitors.
  • Keep the garage closed and locked. .
  • Always enable your alarm system, if you have one, even if you are only going to the corner store or visiting with your neighbors.
  1. Call Your Local Police Department

Many local police departments will inspect your home free of charge. An officer will do a quick walkthrough of your home, recommending simple changes that can be made to tighten up security inexpensively.

  1. Exercise Caution With Keys

Remove any “hidden” spare keys you keep under your mat, in the mailbox, or under a rock. Unfortunately, burglars area already well-versed in all the hiding places. Instead, give your spare key to a neighbor you can trust.

  1. Keep Your Keys And Garage Remote In A Smart Location

Never leave the keys to your home or car near doors and other visible areas of your home. Place them in a secure location such as a drawer or hanging inside a cabinet so they are out of sight.

  1. Add Warning Signs

Regardless of whether or not you have a security system installed, post signs and window stickers of security companies near every entryway of your home. You may have some old stickers and signs from a previous home, or you have a friend with a security system who can help.

  1. Keep Your Ladder Locked Up

Never store ladders outdoors. A burglar may pose as a contractor or handyman, using it to gain access to an upper window or balcony.

  1. Make Sure Your Outdoors Are Well Lit

If you don’t already have them installed, look for outdoor lighting that includes infrared motion detectors, installing on near every point of entry of your home. Make sure you replace any light bulbs that burn out, and keep your porch light on a timer. Make sure you find bulbs that are designed for use outdoors.

  1. Use Timers

When you are away from home, whether on vacation or simply at work, you can make it look like the home is occupied by using timers on your televisions and lights. There are a wide variety of gadgets on the market that can help. For example, the product Fake TV emits lights that resemble a flickering television, making it appear to outsiders that someone is inside watching television.

  1. Secure Your Air Conditioner

Having a window-mounted air conditioner that is unsecured is leaving easy access for criminals. Use a bracket designed for air conditioners, a sliding lock on your window, or corner braces.

  1. Eliminate Potential Hiding Spots

If you have tall shrubbery or bushes that are crowded together, you have provided potential burglars with the perfect hiding spot. Make sure your plantings are kept trimmed and pruned.

  1. Assess Your Doors

Inspect your front, back, and any side doors to your home. Replace any hollow doors with ones that have a solid core, as they are harder to breach, or switch to metal-clad doors. You can find guides to help choose a new entry door.

Sliding glass doors usually have a latch to keep them closed, however, they are easily dispatched by burglars. To make your sliding door more secure, use a wooden dowel or adjustable safety bar. Place it inside the interior track on the floor, or add a floor bolt to the door.

Electric garage doors are usually safe from burglars- if they stay closed. Security experts often say that they can drive along any street and find a garage that has been left open, and the inner door left unlocked. You should treat every door of the home like it was your front door, and close and lock it when you leave.

  1. Replace Locks That Are Weak

The weakest point of a door is usually the lock. Make sure your deadbolt is a grade 1 or 2 lock, and that it penetrates the frame of the door. You don’t need to get a specialty lock from a locksmith, you can find good locks at most home improvement stores, but have a locksmith install the lock for you. You’ll want to make sure it is secured properly.

People don’t generally realize that there is more that can be done to make their homes more secure. You have to be thorough and vigilant and look for the various possible points of entry in your home. Just because you haven’t heard of home burglaries in your neighborhood doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen. Oftentimes boroughs/villages will not report these types of crimes because it lowers the value of the real estate. These tips should help make your home more secure. Make sure to be on your guard always.


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